Helping children find their voice, their strength, and themselves

Coach Lindsay is an experienced and qualified mental health and wellness practitioner who specializes in working with children and young people. Coach Lindsay is passionate about helping young people develop the skills and resilience they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

As a community practitioner, Coach Lindsay creates a safe and supportive environment where they can feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their emotions. With a focus on building positive relationships and creating a sense of trust, Coach Lindsay helps young people feel heard, understood, and validated.

Using evidence-based techniques and a creative/holistic approach, Coach Lindsay works with young people to develop skills such as mindfulness, self-compassion, and emotional regulation. She helps them build their self-esteem and develop a strong sense of self, while also teaching them healthy coping strategies for managing stress and anxiety.

Coach Lindsay understands that each child and young person is unique and requires a tailored approach to their care. She has experience working with a range of issues, such as anxiety, autism, adhd, depression, trauma, and behavioural problems. Coach Lindsay is committed to working collaboratively with parents, caregivers, schools and other professionals to ensure that each young person receives the best possible care and support.

Overall, Coach Lindsay is dedicated to helping children and young people develop into healthy, resilient, and thriving individuals. Through her compassionate and insightful approach, she empowers young people to overcome challenges, build their strengths, and reach their full potential.

Tailored care for unique minds.

The approach taken by a Coach Lindsay is bespoke to the individual needs and circumstances of each child they work with.

This can involve taking the time to understand the child’s unique challenges, strengths, and preferences, and tailoring therapeutic techniques, interventions, and strategies accordingly. It may also involve collaborating with parents, caregivers, and other professionals to develop a comprehensive care plan that meets the child’s needs.

By taking a unique and bespoke approach, Coach Lindsay can ensure that each child receives the most effective and appropriate care and support. This approach recognizes that every child is different and has unique experiences and needs, and that a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective for promoting mental health and wellbeing.

My therapy room at home.

I deliver workshops in group settings such as local schools, college, charities and youth clubs and I also see individuals for 121 work with me in my therapy room at my home. 

🪴 In this 121 setting if your child needs to take a walk on the park, we can do that. If they want to go sit in my garden, we can do that.  If they want to draw or paint, they can do that. If they want to stroke the dog while they talk, they can do that and Olive definitely wouldn’t mind. If they don’t want to talk at all then that is fine too. Healing takes place at all levels and needs to happen in a place of love, trust and safety. I provide that space. 

🪴 Before starting with me they may be overwhelmed. Maybe they’ve already tried talking about their feelings and it hasn’t helped. Our feelings are not logical, they live in our subconscious mind where they need to be teased out through play. 

🪴 With me you will find a safe and fun place for your child to explore their feelings using many different tools from painting and drawing or sand play to collage and pictures and even LEGO. We also get the opportunity to practice Mindfulness, gain an understanding of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Tapping. Vision Boards, Time Line Therapy and Perceptual Positioning are also techniques  that we can explore. 

Feelings I can help with :

– Anxiety

– Confidence 

– Fear

– Anger 

– Low self esteem

– Sadness

– School refusal and school anxiety